Jingili Community garden is a not for profit member based organisation that allows people to grow their own organic vegetables. The garden hasĀ 29 individual plots where everyone grows a wide array of vegetables all through the year. The main growing season is in the ‘Dry’, but some veggies still survive during the ‘Wet’ and have to compete with the large number of weeds, large downpours and bugs.


Lila Notely

The garden was founded by Lila Notely, who after being diagnosed with cancer herself, she was concerned about the escalating incidence of many diseases in our community, especially among the young, and believed it could be reversed by proper nutrition. She believed we needed to start with the soil to make lasting changes, growing and eating organic produce. However back then organic foods were hard to find.

As she said ‘cancer is a great motivator for change’. Lila was indeed a visionary. She went on to establish the Organic Growers & Consumers Association of the Northern Territory which was incorporated in 1995, and this was how organic produce was first brought from interstate for its members. She also went on to put a submission to Darwin City Council to sponsor a Community garden. The rest they say is history.

The garden was first established in 1996 by Lila with the help of a few like-minded friends and the Darwin City Council land. DCC fenced the area, PAWA put in the irrigation, TIO paid for the insurance, and it was up and running under the name Organic Growers & Concumers Association of the Northern Territory. This name was changed to the Jingili Community Garden Inc. in 2005.

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